Corporate Training

Employee Training & Development


Well-trained employees are the key to any institution’s success. At CareerLink, we hire the best people and then we help them get even better. People who join the CareerLink team undergo an induction program that comprises of classroom training and research orientation. This helps the new recruits to get acquainted to the realities of the industry, organization and administration.


As a part of the induction program, we make our people familiar with CareerLink organization operations, our culture and the way we manage our work. We provide an insight into the institution’s values, vision, culture and strategy rounded-off by training in social sensitivity, multiple functions and field sales. This holistic induction process enables them to understand the realities of the corporate world and learn things faster to derive the most benefit within the shortest possible time.


The induction program is not the only training we give our employees. We offer regular training hours and make constant investments in people development to keep them at the top of their abilities. Our training programs are tailored according to individual needs and the courses people take depend on their skills, experience and areas of interest. Our people have the opportunity to learn from and be coached by the best in the corporate world who can pass on their industry, technical and functional expertise. We use a well-managed combination of courses, practical experience and feedback to enable our people to develop specialist skills which help them grow.